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November 18, 2010

Small Dogs Love Football Too!

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Everyone loves Football even our little guy here.
Some of the coolest small dog clothes are NFL
Jerseys. Can you say GO TEAM!!!


October 22, 2010

It’s that scary time of year again

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Ok, I know that this picture of Halloween small dog clothes
isn’t that scary but I think that Halloween is probably the best
time of year to have fun dressing up your pet.

I mean seriously, look at the little guy. You have to admit that

he is one cute little bumblebee. Even the big dog looks outrageous.

So go have fun! Get your pet dressed to the max, enter them into

a contest or simply have them answer the door when the kids

come trick or treating!

September 2, 2010

How Cool is “Too Cool” for Your Dog

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So how far do people go with small dog clothes to make their pet the coolest around?
This pic may seem a little over the top for most people but I can see how the bling makes this little guy stand out from the crowd.

Who knows, he may just be the next hot rapper. Watch for Diggity Dawg’s new release, “Throw them a bone” coming soon to ITunes.

You have to admit, when it comes to dog clothes, the hot pink leopard print hoodie has a certain coolish flair,
but the massive Bling Bling necklace is what really makes a statement.

I have to concede that I’m on the fence about this one…

August 29, 2010

How cute is this pup in a Small dog sweater

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When it comes to small dog clothes, cuteness is a major factor that will influence you in what you purchase for your dog.

Seriously now, isn’t this little guy one of the cutest pups in a sweater that you have ever seen? His big eyes just look like they are saying “Thanks for keeping me warm, I love you….” And the sweater is pretty chic too…

August 27, 2010

Small Dog Clothes | Wedding Bells are Ringing

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Small dog clothes can be fun and a little over the top at times.

Apparently dressing your dogs for weddings is all the rage and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

I know quite a few couples who’s dogs were part of the wedding ceremony and an important part of the wedding party (the ring bearer and the flower girl/dog)

Our dogs are a part of our families so it’s normal to want to make them a part of a very special day.

And then there are those who decide to hold marriages for their pets. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this pic cause I think the groom isn’t quite into getting hitched…

Hope the pic made you smile!

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